"I injured my right shoulder during my yoga practice almost two years ago. After seeing a chiropractor for three months with no results, I came to Karen, and I started getting better after a few sessions.

Karen was always helpful with information around the injuries, and she made sure I was doing the exercises right with her and at home. Also, she was extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cared about me. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I feel great again, am back to yoga, and I am still doing the exercises she taught me at home because it makes my shoulder and back stronger."

-Fernanda B.

"Thank God for compassionate experts like Dr. Karen Hsu.

Dr. Hsu's therapy techniques and advice through my recovery
process were crucial to manage my pain and promote my confidence. Her therapy sessions have not only greatly improved my mobility but also the quality of my life.

Her multiple specialities provided for a unique approach to the
complexity of my case due to the multiple factors affecting my
health that included post-surgical rehab, fear of falling, a neurological
disorder, and a systemic pathology.

Her knowledge, dedication and empathy is remarkable.

I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of specialized care.

Thank you Dr. Hsu for being so giving and for your unique expert knowledge."

-Carl D.

"Karen Hsu is a remarkable physical therapist. She is thorough, careful, and extremely kind.

My husband is a physician and extremely picky about his care providers, but Karen completely won him over because of her comprehensiveness and her attention to his needs as a patient.

We both feel extremely lucky to have found her."

-Dr. Aynne K. and Dr. Andrei M., M.D.

"I have been working with Karen for the past few months so that I stay healthy as I ramp up my running mileage.  I have been so impressed!  I have been an athlete for most my life, but Karen is the first person who has shown me how to stretch and do strength exercises so they are effective.

Karen has a very realistic approach to PT - she describes exactly what I should do in order to maximize improvement, but then she helps me find a happy medium that will fit in with my busy schedule.   I even have fun during my sessions.  Karen's bubbly personality kept me comfortable and motivated. I would highly recommend working with Karen!"

-Alison B.